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Spark Invisible Aligners London

What is Spark Clear Aligner system?

Spark Clear Aligners is one of the latest developments in clear aligner orthodontic treatments. Spark aligners are developed and manufactured by ORMCO™, a global leader in cutting edge orthodontic products. DAMON braces, one of the most advanced systems in conventional brace systems has been developed by ORMCO™ and in more recent years, they have used their expertise in treatment of more than millions of patients over 60 years to develop Spark Clear Aligner system which is said to offer more precise results than its alternative systems such as Invisalign®.

Is Spark Clear Aligners more efficient than alternatives like Invisalign®?

Spark Approver 3D application which is an Artificial Intelligence teeth movement simulation, in combination with advanced clear aligner technology using TruGen™ material, are designed to meet the needs of dental professionals and may result in more efficient and productive teeth movement, compared to the leading aligner brand.

Spark Aligners are made with TruGEN™, the latest innovation in clear aligner material that boast ultimate comfort, clarity, durability, and stain resistance. In addition, compared to other companies, SPARK aligners have better tooth contact, which allows for advanced sustained force retention and hence more precise tooth movement and faster result. The technology used in making the aligners makes them more transparent, and like SureSmile®, they are less noticeable than other leading brands like Invisalign®.

Spark Clear Aligners are used to treat a variety of teeth-straightening conditions, including crowding, spacing, open bite, underbite, overbite, crossbite, and more:



Deep Bite*

Open Bite*




What are the options for Spark Clear Aligner treatment?

As with all aligner systems, there is different level of treatment options based on the complexity of the treatment and number of the aligners estimated to be required.

  • Spark 10: has maximum number of 10 set of aligners for the top and bottom jaws. Suitable for very mild cases of misalignment, meaning just to improve the straightening of the teeth

  • Spark 20: has maximum number of 20 set of aligners for the top and bottom jaws. Suitable for moderate cases of misalignment requiring tooth rotation or gap closures and limited intrusion of extrusion of the teeth.

  • Spark Advance/Comprehensive: when more than 20 set of aligners for the top and bottom jaws are needed for more complex cases.

What is the cost of Spark Clear Aligners in London or UK?

The cost of treatment is set by each individual dental clinic based on the expertise of the providers, number of cases they do each year and locations of the clinics. In Greater London area the prices tends to be higher than the rest of the UK, although, at Bayswater Dental Clinic located in the centre of London, we offer unbeatable prices for Spark aligners which comes in the form of different packages with many other treatments included for free.

Spark 10 special Package offer :

Total cost of £1899

Spark 20 special Package offer :

Total cost of £2599

Spark Advance package offer :

Total cost of £3249

To compare the Spark package offers with Invisalign package offers please click here.

All packages include the following:

  • Refund of consultation fee of £49 if proceed with the treatment after consultation
  • Free OPG x-ray worth £60
  • Free home whitening at the completion of treatment worth £250
  • Free one set of removable retainer worth £275

What is not included in the package offers:

Dental check-up if needed

(Patient must have healthy teeth and gum prior to start of any orthodontic treatment and must have seen own dentist no longer than 6 month before treatment starts).

Dental hygiene visits

(Teeth should be clear from any plaque and calculus or gum disease. Patients Can see own hygienist/dentist).

IF additional “fixed retainers” are requested by patient or recommended by dentist once completed treatment. Cost of top and bottom fixed retainers is £350 at the time of publication

(Patients get 1 set of removable retainers for free which is different to fixed retainers).

Once a curse of treatment is completed and the desirable result is not achieved and treatment has to be repeated, there is a fixed fee of £600 for repeating the treatment again.

(This is available only once. It acts as an insurance like policy that, for whatever reason, if more aligners are needed once treatment is completed, patient can repeat the course of treatment without paying the full fee).

How can I pay for my Spark Aligners cost? What are the options for payments?

1. Pay as you go: Patients pay at each stage of the treatment as follows; Patients pay at each stage of the treatment as follows;

  • A payment of £400 to prepare the 3D video simulation of teeth movement. This is the same in all package offers.
  • A payment of £799 once patient is happy with achievable result seen in the video simulation and patient consents for the aligners to be manufactured.

The above is the same in all package offers and then is followed by:

  • 2 x £350 payments for the Spark 10 Package offer. Therefor in each review appointment which is usually every 4-12 weeks, a payment of £350 is paid. This brings the total to £1899
  • 4 x £350 payments for the Spark 20 Package offer. Therefor in each review appointment which is usually every 4-12 weeks, a payment of £425 is paid. This brings the total to £2599
  • 6 x £350 payment for Spark Advance package offer. Therefore in each review appointment which is usually £425 is paid. This brings the total to £3249

2. Applying for 0% finance up to 18 months: Patient can apply for 0% finance for part or the full cost of the treatment. Please note that this is subject to credit check by the credit provider. This is fully independent of the clinic and we just facilitate the application for the finance which is like applying for a loan from a bank by the patient.

3. 5% discount on total fee: This is available if the patient pays the full fee of the package offer in advance.

There are many different clear aligner systems:
Which one should I go for?

Up to few years ago, Invisalign clear aligners was the only and leading system offering clear plastic aligners as an alternative option to conventional brace orthodontic systems. More recently, however, many alternative options have flooded the dental markets, some of which offering treatments with extremely low and competitive prices. But which one should one consider?

Because of advances in Artificial Intelligence and technology, many of these systems, to some degree, can offer some improvement in teeth alignment but the vast majority have many unknown factors associated with them and their systems are not truly tested and have seen the test of time. At best they are only carbon copies of the most reputable brands.

At Bayswater Dental Clinic, we have researched many of the available systems and only offer the technologies from reputable companies with substantial research and experience behind their products. Systems that have been well tested and companies that have developed them have many decades of experience in orthodontic treatment. As the result we offer three different systems of SureSmile®, Invisalign® and Spark™ Clear Aligners in addition to conventional brace systems as each has its own place and one can be more suitable, efficient and cost effective in treating a specific case than others. We can offer different options based on what we believe would be in the best interest of our patients, to achieve the best result, in the fast way possible and at the most cost effective way rather than just one system to suit all. We aim to use the best options for each individual case.

Spark Aligners, Invisalign Aligners and SureSmile Aligners:
What are the similarities and differences?

The first and most common thing about these systems is that they all use a form of clear plastic Aligner to improve the alignment of the teeth. Each uses their own developed material for producing their aligners with Spark and Sure Smile aligners using more advanced techniques in manufacturing the aligners which makes them thinner and therefore better fitting. Hence allowing the application of a more precise force on each tooth for a better control and outcome.

Invisalign Aligner

Invisalign Aligners have been around the longest and they have biggest data bank when planning their treatment plan as more people worldwide have been treated by Invisalign than any other aligner system although this is rapidly changing. The aligners are made from patented SmartTrack® material that is stronger than Spark aligners but more vulnerable to stains and more noticeable than spark or SureSmile aligners. They also tend to be the most expansive system out of all these options.

Spark aligner

Spark aligners have their margins hand trimmed and therefore, it is said to be better shaped, smoother and kinder to gum. On the other hand with SureSmile aligners, the operator has the option of using different height and shape of the aligners edges which enables the aligner to exert a more efficient force and allow to achieve some type of tooth movement that is either not possible or takes very long to achieve with alternative options. Invisalign on the other hand has the most experience and largest data base in planning their treatments and teeth movement simulation.

Suresmile Clear Aligner

SureSmile® clear aligners are the only system that offers Vpro which is an Ultrasonic stimulator of teeth movement. Patients by wearing it for few minutes each evening, it is said to speed up the teeth movement, improve the result achievable and therefore shorten the length of treatment. It also has the advantage that we can use a low dose CBCT scan to further assess the position of the roots in the jaw bones. This can assist the provider to pan the course of treatment more accurately, enhancing the positions of the root in the jaw bone and reduce the risk of roots of the teeth going through the bone. This also potentially can reduce the risk of relapse.

A summary of 6 key differences between Spark and Invisalign aligners:

Aligner system is currently the most popular orthodontic treatments for teeth straightening. However, various brands offer this treatment, Invisalign being one of the most popular with Spark and SureSmile aligners catching up rapidly as they claim to have a better and more technologically advanced aligners and less visible. Some of the key differences between Invisalign and Spark aligners can be listed as follows:


Both systems use clear plastic aligners although they use different materials. Invisalign aligners are made fromSmartTrack and Spark is made from TruGen. In comparison, TruGen is said to be more comfortable and gentler on the gums.

Invisalign, being around the longest and to have developed more ancillary techniques over the years has a feature called “buttons” which are tiny bumps that Invisalign uses to help the aligners grip onto the teeth better. Spark Clear Aligners do not have this feature. However “buttons” are not needed or used in vast majority of the cases.


When comparing Invisalign vs. Spark in term of comfort, Spark aligners are designed to be more comfortable, as they are made of medical-grade polyurethane resin and they are slightly thinner than Invisalign aligners. The Spark technology has also gone the extra mile with hand-trimmed and polished edges for added comfort.


Although Invisalign has been one of the most widely available systems worldwide as it has been around the longest and therefore more easily accessible, Spark system is not as widely used. However due to its advantages and in particular being less expensive and less visible than Invisalign, it is rapidly expanding and becoming more easily accessible and more providers train to provide this system. Bayswater Dental Clinic, we have a strong team of several providers that offer Spark system and are licenced to provide it.


Currently when comparing Invisalign vs. Spark, the cost will vary depending on the individual case. But in general Spark treatment appears less expensive than Invisalign and this can be partly due to the manufacturer of Spark aiming to keep its cost lower!?

Also Spark Clear Aligners do not have as many features and treatment options as Invisalign, which is reflected in the lower cost of Spark treatment.

Stain resistance

The technology used to make Spark aligners is more advanced, keeping the aligners more transparent and smoother than Invisalign aligners. The patented material that Spark uses for its aligners is designed to resist staining from coffee, tea, and other common beverages.


Although both aligner system are discreet, Invisalign SmartTrack material is less transparent than Spark’s TruGen material making Spark aligners less noticeable

If you’re looking for an invisible tooth straightening solution, Spark Clear Aligners may be the better option.

Invisalign vs. Spark Aligners: Where to Get Treatment?

While Invisalign is a more established brand and has developed more techniques to address even more complex cases, but the emergence of new systems such as Spark or SureSmile which uses more up-to-date technologies offer alternative solutions.

At Bayswater Dental Clinic, we have a team of experienced dentists that combined have treated and successfully completed thousands of patients orthodontic treatment with a variety of clear aligner systems. As the result we know only offering one systems of treatment may not be the best solutions for all patients and over the years we have learned and gained the experience to know what are the strong points and weaknesses of each system. Consequently when patient are assessed in their initial consultations, based on our experience and patients need, we are in a good position to recommend what we believe would be the most effective, efficient and cost-effective treatment choice for our patients. The reasoning behind our recommendations are discussed with patients and eventually allowing the patients to decide and make an informed decision about what course of action they would wish to make.