I’m very satisfied. I’m very happy. (Somnowell)

Alan Hennings

It’s better than anything I’ve had before. (Somnowell)

Dr Nofal Khalil

I first came to Brian 20 years ago in great distress with an infected front molar which my dentist at the time wanted to extract. Brian saved that tooth by fitting me with my first crown and he and his excellent team have been caring for my teeth ever since. I very much value Brian’s skills as a dentist and also his unfailing gentleness and courtesy.

Wendy Cole

The dental work at Bayswater Dental Clinic is nothing short of exemplary; Brian Clarke has completely changed my smile to one worth showing. It has given me a huge confidence boost and people often remarked on how my teeth looked instantly better since I had the cosmetic work.

Paul Hyett

I thoroughly enjoyed my treatment and feel quite confident and glamorous now. I can chew much better now.

Beryl Granger

All of the work was carried out with the minimum of discomfort over a two year span and has made me feel much more confident whenever I smile! This is a really happy professional practice with a very friendly team who care and I am very pleased to have made the change when I did.

Tony Quill

I am so happy, I can’t stay away.

Melina Horne

My experiences with dentists were not very positive until Dr Clarke advised me about my teeth and chewing problems. He is a very professional dentist with plenty of experience and able to suggest remedies which are value for money. Sophisticated and reliable equipment makes the patients comfortable when reclining on the dentist chair, the lights are on and the gentle touch of Dr Clarke starts working in your mouth….

T. Zanin

I am one of those people who used to break out into a cold sweat when I heard the sound of a dentist’s drill. I had some bad experiences as a child that have stayed with me all of my life. This has meant my smile has never been the most eye catching and my visits to the dentist were simply for emergencies.

When I visited Brian at Bayswater Dental I was immediately placed at ease. My years of neglect had meant a set of teeth that we’re literally on their last legs. For first time in my life I was relaxed enough to have repair work that was not an emergency only and over a period of weeks Brian turned over 20 years of neglect into a confident smile.

I now smile with my teeth which is something I haven’t done since a child and I look forward to my regular cleaning sessions with Brian’s team. If you are like me and have a fear of dentists, I can thoroughly recommend Brian and his team at Bayswater Dental Clinic.

Jonathan O’Driscou

The level of skill with the checkups, diagnoses, and hygiene treatments, is extremely high, and I take that for granted, but more importantly the overall impression is one of efficiency, pleasantness and friendly professionalism…

Keith Noble