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Invisalign Moderate Package Cost.

What is Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment?

The Invisalign orthodontic treatment is a highly advanced system that by combining 3D-scanning and 3D-printer and artificial intelligence technologies, it produces a series of clear plastic aligners which can move teeth with various complexity and conditions into an aesthetically pleasing aligned position. Invisalign aligners, some people referring to them as clear braces, by straightening teeth improves the function of the teeth and makes maintaining a good oral health much easier.

Invisalign clear aligner system, and other similar clear brace technologies such as SureSmile, is referred to as a Short Term Orthodontic System that rapidly move teeth with a high degree of predictability and safety. These systems are designed to be provided by both general dental practitioners and specialist orthodontists.

At Bayswater Dental Clinic, we have an experienced and leading team of Diamond Invisalign Providers that are proud to provide this orthodontic treatment to our patients in London and beyond. In addition, we also proudly provide SureSmileR orthodontic treatment to our patient.

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How do Invisalign aligners/clear braces work?

First, the records of a patient are taken which includes a 3D-scan of the teeth, some photographs and an X-ray. Using the advanced artificial intelligence computer technology that has gained knowledge from millions of people already treated with Invisalign, in combination with orthodontic sciences, Invisalign produce a 3D-computer graphics, known as Clincheck Video. This animation video demonstrates the teeth movement at and allows the patient to see what can be expected to achieve by the end of the treatment.

From this graphics and using 3D-printing technology, a series of precisely fitting aligners are made. Wearing each set of aligner moves the teeth by a specific amount into the planned position, and preparing them for the next set of aligners as demonstrated in the Clincheck Video. The more the tooth movement needed and the higher the complexity, the bigger the number of aligners needed to achieve the final result.

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What is Invisalign Moderate?

The Invisalign Moderate is the latest advanced, precise and easy to use aligner system for adult patient that is introduced by Invisalign technology.

The complexity of the misaligned teeth and the type of the teeth movement needed, determines the number of aligners required to complete a course of Invisalign treatment. The higher the number of aligners needed means the longer it takes to finish the Invisalign treatment and therefore the higher the cost for the patients. Invisalign categorises its services into the following groups now:

  • Invisalign Express or i7, which has maximum 7 sets of top and bottom aligners.
  • Invisalign Lite which has maximum 14 sets of top and bottom aligners.
  • Invisalign Moderate, the latest classification of Invisalign treatment, which has maximum 20 sets of top and bottom aligners.
  • Invisalign Comprehensive or Full, when more than 20 set of top and bottom aligners are needed.

Whereas before, if a case of Invisalign treatment needed 15 aligners to achieve the best result (ie 1 aligner more than 14 in Lite option), it would have been categorised as Invisalign Comprehensive and hence a much higher cost to the patient than the Lite option. Now with Invisalign Moderate, which includes up to 20 aligners, we can treat patient at a lower cost than Invisalign Comprehensive option.

What is the cost of Invisalign Moderate Treatment in London and the UK?

Like any other dental treatment, the cost of Invisalign treatment varies in different dental clinics. As a guide, for the cost of Invisalign Treatment is affected by the complexity of the case, the number of aligners needed to finish a course of treatment and the number of visits and length of time it takes to reach a satisfactory outcome.

There are many dental appointments needed before a Invisalign course is completed. For the convenience of Bayswater Dental Clinic Invisalign patients, which is located in central London, we have introduced fixed fee special offer packages for some of the Invisalign treatment we offer. This makes it easier for the patients to know what costs of Invisalign are involved and it clarifies it better for our patients. So they can plan their finance with more certainty.

Invisalign Moderate Package Fixed Fee Special Offers at Bayswater Dental Clinic

Invisalign Moderate Cost, Payment options

In order to help our patients, we have introduced 3 different ways to pay for your Invisalign treatment, at Bayswater Dental Clinic.

Option 1: Pay-as-you-go

After the Invisalign procedure begins, the patient must pay the following fees:

  • 1st payment of £400 is due for the Invisalign Clinc heck video setup.
  • 2nd payment of £799 is due when the patient approves the video and requests that the aligners are made;
  • 3rd payments of £350 will be made in 4 to 8 week intervals, until the whole cost of the Invisalign treatment is covered.

      Depending on the Invisalign package, the cost of the 3rd payments will vary;

    • The Invisalign Lite package offer, consists of 4 instalments of £350.
    • The Invisalign Moderate package offer, consists of 5 instalments of £350.
    • The Invisalign Comprehensive package offer, consists of 7 instalments of £350.

Option 2: 18 month’s loan with 0% interest

  • Patients can request for an 18-month, 0% finance loan for all or part of the cost of their Invisalign treatment.
  • The clinic aids in the application procedure but is not involved in or a part of the funding approval process.
  • The bank decides whether to grant the loan after running a credit history check.
  • The patient begins making monthly payments to the bank as soon as the application is approved.

As an example, the following represents a typical monthly cost for an 18-month application:

  • For Invisalign Lite package; £144 /month.
  • For Invisalign Moderate package; £183 /month.
  • for Invisalign Comprehensive package; £205 /month.

Option 3: Get 5% off, if you pay full amount in advance.

Patients can take advantage of a 5% discount on the total treatment cost if they pay the total amount upfront.

All the Invisalign Moderate package special offers include;

  • Excellent patient care and service. Patient care is always FIRST.
  • Free in surgery Invisalign consultation to assess suitability (worth £49).
  • Providing a written treatment plan showing the cost.
  • Free X-ray, 3D-scan of the teeth and photos (worth £180).
  • Free appointments to monitor the treatment (each worth £49).
  • Free Invisalign emergency appointments if needed (each worth £49).
  • Free placement of attachments, IPRs, axillary treatments,…as prescribed by Invisalign.
  • Free assessment and correction of bite to make more stable bite and less risk of relapse.
  • Free minor tooth contouring & re-shaping for best aesthetic result when needed.
  • Free 3 sets of removable Invisalign ViveraR Retainers (worth £575).
  • Free home whitening kit (worth £250).
  • Also provide a list of what is not included in the package offer for clarity. No hidden costs!

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What are NOT included in the Invisalign package special offers at Bayswater Dental Clinic in London?

In our special offer Invisalign pachages, there are some treatment fees that are not included if they are needed.

  • Cost of any dental treatment needed or hygiene visits. Patient must be dentally fit and have healthy gums before the start of any orthodontic treatment. If you have not seen your dentist 6 months before the start of Invisalign treatment, we strongly recommend having a dental check up with your dentist. Of course we would be happy to do a dental check up for you if you wish. Please see the fee page for the cost of examination and x-rays and hygiene visits.
  • If, for ANY reason, the aligners no longer fit in the middle of a treatment course, new Clincheck VideoR will be needed with new aligners to be manufactured. This is referred to as Mid-course correction and there is a fixed fee of £500 for this process which is not included the special offer packages. In our experience, the most common reason for mid-course correction is poor compliance of patient with aligners wear time and routine.
  • If, for any reason, at the end of a course of Invisalign treatment, further aligners are needed to get better result, a new Clincheck Video is needed with new set of aligners to be manufactured. In essence, the Invisalign treatment must be repeated from start again and there is a fixed fee of £500 for this process that is not included in the special package offers. This is referred to as having Additional Aligners or Refinement. This acts as a little insurance policy that if ideal results were not achieved in a course of treatment, without paying the full fee, our patient can benefit from a repeat course of treatment at a much reduced fee of £500.
  • There is a fee of £150 replacement fee for remaking each set of aligners if they are lost or damaged by any means.
  • There is a fee of £350 for top and bottom fixed retainers if recommended by the dentist in addition to Vivera retainers to further reduce the risk of teeth moving again and patient wish to consider it. They are orthodontic chain or a wire that is glued to the back of top and bottom 4-6 teeth with the aim of reducing the risk of teeth moving again.

What is Retainer Brace or Clear Retainer Brace? What is its difference with Clear Aligner Brace?

Although clear retainer braces and clear aligner braces may look the same as both are made from clear plastics, but fundamentally, they differ from each other enormously. Retainers only aim to keep teeth in their positon and they cannot move teeth, whereas clear aligners move teeth in the jaw bone and change their position. A clear retainer brace is a static device and in contrast, a clear aligner brace is a dynamic device.

An example of this is the difference in Invisalign Vivera Retainers and Invisalign Aligners. They are both made from similar clear plastics, but Invisalign Aligners are used during a course of treatment to allow movement of the teeth by regularly changing them into a new set of aligners till the last aligner is used. Vivera Retainers, on the other hand are used to retain teeth in their positon once a course of Invisalign treatment or any other orthodontic treatment is finished with the aim of reducing the risk of teeth moving.

Another form of clear plastic retainers are Essix retainers that, similar to Vivera Retainers, are removable and therefore are used only at night time only.

Fixed retainers which come in a form of wire or an orthodontic chain that are glued to the back of the top and bottom front teeth are an alternative form of retainers. As their name implies, there are not removable and, therefore, they are fixed to the teeth. They have the advantage that they are there all the time but have the disadvantage that only cover the front 4-6 teeth usually and the other teeth have no retention. Another disadvantage of fixed retainers is that they increase plaque retention.

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What can Invisalign Treat? What is advantage of Invisalign to compare with Metal Braces?

Invisalign Technology Indicate that its system, referred to as short term orthodontic treatment, is suitable for correction of mild bite problems and straightening of the teeth. It can be used for the correction of many conditions as listed below.

  • Crowding is when there is not enough space in the jaw to accommodate all the teeth in alignment. This is due to discrepancies in the size of the teeth relative to the size of the jaws in a person, resulting in teeth over lapping each other or teeth being pushed out of the arch lines.
  • Gaps between the teeth, in effect, are the reverse of crowded teeth. Again there is a discrepancy between the sizes of the teeth relative to the size of the jaw with teeth not being big enough. Ironically, in this situation teeth can be nicely aligned but have a lot of spaces between them.
  • The term overbite is used when the top front teeth cover and overlap the bottom front teeth too much. In some cases the lower front teeth are not at all visible or in severe cases the top front teeth reach the gum on the lower jaw and become traumatic and damaging to the gum.
  • Underbite is a term general public uses when the top front teeth are, incorrectly, placed behind the bottom front teeth when one closes their mouth and bite> In dentistry they refer to this as Class III malocclusion and mild form of it can be treated by Invisalign aligner system.
  • Cross biteof the teeth is when one or multiple teeth of the top jaw are in the wrong side of the bottom teeth. In can be associated with some single teeth in the front of the mouth or whole section of the back teeth can be in Cross bite. Mild to moderate forms of cross bite can be treated by aligner systems.
  • Open bite is when the top and bottom front teeth do not reach each other, resulting in a gap of varying degrees to be associated with front teeth when one closes their mouth and tries to bite. It is a common consequence of thumb sucking in childhood. It can be corrected or improve don by the aligner systems.

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The advantages of Aligner Braces, such as Invisalign, to compare with conventional Metal braces, can be listed as:

  • Fewer appointments may be need. No need to come to the clinic for a new set of aligner and changing them.
  • Tailor made aligners and easier to adapt to. Much easier to tolerate than metal or ceramic braces.
  • More comfortable and less painful than metal braces. As indicated by patients that have experienced both systems.
  • Treatment is unobtrusive. Aesthetically they are the least visible form of orthodontic treatments.
  • Treatment can be quicker than orthodontic braces. Aligners are carefully designed to move only the teeth you want to move, allowing a precise targeted correction. This brings about an efficient movement of each tooth, which can result in less overall treatment time to compare with conventional braces were teeth movements are made by means of wires.
  • Aligners are removable. Over conventional braces which are fixed to the teeth , this has several advantages;
  • Easier to clean teeth as traditional braces can be very difficult to keep clean.
  • They are removed for eating. This makes chewing food easier and you can continue with your usual healthy diet without changing the type of food consumed. No need to remove the aligners when drinking water only.
  • Can be removed for a short period of time when an occasional important meeting is coming up.

When Invisalign is not the best orthodontic option? What is the alternative option to Invisalign Aligner System?

There is a fee of £350 for top and bottom fixed retainers if recommended by the dentist in addition to Vivera retainers to further reduce the risk of teeth moving again and patient wish to consider it. They are orthodontic chain or a wire that is glued to the back of top and bottom 4-6 teeth with the aim of reducing the risk of teeth moving again.

It is now claimed by Invisalign that any orthodontic case treated by conventional orthodontic braces and wires can also be treated by Invisalign aligners. SureSmileR which is also another short term orthodontic system using clear aligner system, has the same claim and in many ways it can even be more effective and capable than Invisalign aligners in straightening the teeth as it was originally designed to be used only by orthodontist, hence being one the most advanced clear aligner technology.

In practice, however, in our experience we have noticed where straightening of the teeth can be achieved by means of tilting and back and forth movement of the teeth crown, sort term orthodontic treatments like Invisalign are ideal and work faster than orthodontic braces and wires with predictable outcome. On the other hand where bodily movement of the teeth are needed, which is when the root of the teeth need to have substantial movement in the jaw bone, or large extrusion of the teeth are needed for alignment, conventional metal or ceramic braces and wires can be more efficient and faster with better predictability of the treatment outcome. Where substantial bodily movement of the teeth are needed, therefore, braces not only are faster and treatment finishes quicker, but also it is less expensive that aligner systems as it takes less time to complete the treatment with better predictability.

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