6 Month Smiles, …..a fantastic short term orthodontic treatment to improve the teeth alignment.

Has clear plastic rackets and coated wire for maximum stealth

Only £1795 for one jaw

£2795 for both jaws

1-3 years 0% finance available

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6 Month Smiles is a short term orthodontic system that takes anything between 4-9 month to complete. On average it takes about six month to complete most of the cases, hence the name 6-month smiles.

It is based on conventional orthodontic treatment and therefore it has the brackets and wire system. But the good news is that the brackets are made from clear plastic and it uses tooth coloured wires (Teflon coated), helping it to blend in better with the teeth and less noticeable.

Who can do the 6 month smiles treatment?

This system is designed to be done by general dental practitioners which can make it a cheaper option than the treatment provided by specialist orthodontist and conventional fixed braces.

How does 6 month smiles works.?

Following the initial assessment of the patient and taking some records, impressions of the teeth are taken and sent to 6-month Smiles laboratory in the USA. Then the clear brackets are set in custom made trays with tailor fit on your teeth, allowing the brackets to be glued on to your teeth.

Then tooth coloured memory wires are fitted into the brackets and exerting a gentle force to move and align teeth.

It has set wires of different strength and treatment almost always starts with lowest exerting force to allow least amount of discomfort to the patient.

You will be seen about every 3-4 weeks for adjustments to be made and as teeth move ,replace the wire with stronger ones till teeth are aligned.

As in with Invisalign, to create space between the teeth in crowded jaws, some minor tooth reduction in between the teeth may be needed, otherwise knows and interproximal reduction (IPR). Therefore IPR is a much more conservative and easier option than pulling teeth out with no damage to the teeth and no pain or discomfort.

When having top and bottom jaws treated, to avoid top teeth biting on the brackets in the bottom teeth and breaking them off, we may need to place bite guards on the very back teeth, and are not visible. It is a very simple process and patient very quickly adapt to that. Bite guards are not usually needed if treating top jaw only. We can provide you with more information, if needed , in your free consultation.

what is the difference between 6-month smile and conventional braces?

The 6-month smile is designed to produce rapid and fast movement of the teeth. It mainly concentrate on the movement of the crown of the teeth and pays less attention to alignment of the root of the teeth, hence it being much faster and shorter course of treatment than conventional braces which can take 18-24 months.

It is said that as short term Orthodontic treatment such as Invisalign or 6-month Smiles pay most of their attention to the position of the crown of the teeth, they may have a higher risk of teeth moving and relapse. But again use of retainers is an essential part of any form of orthodontic treatment including fixed conventional braces and without retainers teeth can and will easily move again.

How experienced are we in doing 6-month Smiles ?

We have a good understanding of the way this system works and have attended many accredited training courses organised by 6-month Smiles. So far we have completed more than 50 cases for mostly upper and lower jaws and some single jaw cases. The most important part of the treatment is how satisfied and happy our patients have been with the outcome and results achieved.

We have placed photos of some of the cases that have been done.

How 6-month smiles compare with Invisalign?

In our experience we have noticed that 6-month smiles to be a good system for rapid movement and alignment of the teeth. It’s limitation, in our opinion, is in fine tuning at the end of treatment. Whereas Invisalign can be stronger in final fine tuning of teeth alignment.

For example 6-month smiles is much faster than Invisalign in extrusion of the teeth and is much faster. Other points can be,

  • your compliance in wearing Invisalign aligners 22 hrs/day plays a very key role in the treatment outcome as the aligners are removable and you can take them out. But with 6-month smiles, as the brackets are fixed to teeth, you cannot remove them, so compliance plays no role and is more secure in that way.
  • Keeping good oral hygiene is easier with Invisalign aligners and no risk of gum growing in between the teeth and around brackets.
  • There is risk of brackets coming off with 6-month smiles and generally you need more visits with dentist than Invisalign.
  • 6-month smiles can be more ideal when one has to improve the teeth alignment by a specific dead line or when a social event is coming up as it can be faster than Invisalign. For example and a wedding is coming up.

6-Month Smiles cost and can I afford it?

We want you to have your desirable 6-month smiles treatment done and you would be able to say “YES” to the affordability question. But how?

To start with, we offer some parts of the treatment for FREE! How about that? So all 6-month smiles patients get

  • Free Initial consultation at the start of treatment.
  • Free first set of Essex retainers at the end of treatment.
  • Free home whitening at the end of treatment.

How else can we help to make 6-month smiles treatment a possibility for you? Good news is we know how to! We can offer,

  • Lowest 6-month smiles costs possible
  • Easy Payment Plans
  • 0% Finance options.

Offering low prices

We have kept our prices extremely competitive nation wide and we are please to say that our fees are one of the lowest Invisalign cost anywhere in the U.K.

6-Month Smiles, top and bottom £2800

6-month Smiles, top or bottom only £1995

Please be aware, although we are happy to offer one of the lowest invisalign cost in UK, be rest assured that it is genuine and is of the heights quality treatment and service.

Easy payment option

You do not need to pay the full fee for the treatments in one lump sum and it can be divided and broken down into manageable payments, spread over the course of treatment.

0% Finance option

We can offer you 0% finance option over a period of 6-12 month. This allows you to make equal monthly payments over the length of your finance period. We will facilitate the application and most of the time within half an hour the bank will give you an answer.

Patients must note that there will be credit check done by the bank on your credit history and you will have a much better chance of getting your application approved if you have these criteria,

  • Having a job, working minimum 16 hours per week and permanent contract.
  • Being UK resident for more than 12 month.
  • Must be 18 years or over.
  • Please note 0% finance application does not need to be necessarily to your own name and it can be done to someone else’s name with high credit rating score which has a better chance of getting it, like mum, dad, friend/partners, etc..

This is how we can help to make your dream smile come true and have straight teeth.