We offer emergency dental appointments to new or our existing patients. The emergency dental visits are to cover a wide range of dental problems that can be associated with pain, swelling, infection or even when it is free from dental pain such as loss of a crown or a veneer or a filling, a chipped tooth or for dental trauma. Our highly experienced team of emergency dentists will provide the emergency treatment needed to resolve the problem in the easiest and fastest way with highest standard of care.

020 7229 4627


Consultation only £39

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Open Monday – Saturday 9:00am – 8:30pm.

Experienced team of dentists

Written treatment plan is provided to show the costs

Same day dentures available

Nervous patients are welcomed

We provide emergency dental services to a wide range of dental insurances world wide that covers the emergency dentist fees. The emergency dentist providing the treatment will resolve and stabilise the problem. If the treatment needs further visits, then patients can either continue with the emergency dentist to complete it or they can return back to their own dentist to finish the treatment. Written information about the emergency dental treatment done can be provided.

  • Patients are seen immediately
  • Located in Heart of London, W2. Easy access
  • Treated same day to solve the pain/problem
  • Reasonable and published fees
  • All dental insurances worldwide are welcomed

Call us on 0207 229 4627 or 07885 532 883

Recent Google Reviews

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rating star icon LondonAs always the best treatment; on this occasion a visit to hygienist followed by dental check up. I have been going to Dr. Clarke since 1977 as he takes the greatest care of his dental patients. The work he has done has always been of the highest standard possible and he always offers intelligent solutions. Since moving to Wales I still return to Bayswater for my dental treatment. I did have to have emergency treatment in Wales and the dentist was highly respectful of the work done by Dr Clarke. In fact I think he was in awe!
Can't speak highly enough!

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Colin Giles
Colin Giles

2 weeks ago

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rating star icon LondonHad my wisdom tooth out, was the quickest and least painful dental procedure ever. Melanie and the dental assistant were so patient. Constantly letting me know exactly what was going on and checking that I couldn’t feel anything. Would recommend everybody to use this dentist practice!

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Candice Blackburn
Candice Blackburn

a month ago

Welcome to our Emergency Dentist Service in heart of London, W2, with easy access. We are within 2-5 minutes walk from underground stations, Bayswater, Queensway, Royal Oak, in addition to Notting Hill Gate & Paddington stations. In effect, we are the emergency dental service near you. It is so easy to find us on Google map.

By car, you can also part in Westminster Street Parking Zones which at Bayswater area which is about £2.90/hour.

We welcome new patients and there is no need for being a registered patient with us to benefit from our Emergency Dentist in London services.

Whatever is the nature of the emergency issue, we will resolve and stabilise it and get you out of pain.


We are very transparent with our fees and they are published in advance.

We have tried to keep our fees very reasonable and they are based on:

1- What type of treatment is needed; eg. root canal treatment, extraction etc….

2 – The skill and experience of the dentist that is treating you.

3 – The complexity of the emergency dental treatment.

4 – The length of time is needed to do the emergency treatment.

Recent Google Reviews

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rating star icon LondonGreat customer service and well-experienced dental surgeons. I was able to book a Saturday appointment after feeling a large bump on my gum on Monday. There was a longer-than usual wait time the day of the appointment and the receptionist was very accommodating and agreed to call me once the doctor was done. I live very close so went home for 15 minutes, hung my laundry, and got the call to come back.

It turned out I needed a tooth extraction as my last wisdom tooth was starting to break through. The dentist assured me he was a specialist in tooth extractions, and he is! Even the needle full of numbing agent was so fast I could barely feel it. The entire process, from me getting into the chair to them finishing the procedure (including taking x-rays) only took 45 minutes—the epitome of quick and painless at the dentist! They were also very accommodating and provided me OTC anti-inflammatory pills to save me a trip to Boots. I required no antibiotics, healed well, and my stitches fell out on schedule after 10 days. Highly recommend Bayswater Dental. :)

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Toni Chan
Toni Chan

5 months ago

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rating star icon LondonOwing to an upbringing in Scotland many years ago (pre Fluoride) and years of travelling as well as an injury to my jaw from a climbing accident, I have had to see well over 20 dentists in the course of my life. I have experience of dentists in several countries and work has included implants as well as other quite complex work. When I visited Dr Vahid at Bayswater, he drew up a comprehensive plan, which included some cosmetic work as I wanted to look my best for my marriage a few months ago. Not only did he explain every stage of the plan but he listened carefully to what I wanted or thought I wanted and adapted accordingly. His cosmetic work was superb and the other work that he did on dentistry that was failing was the best I have ever experienced. He has an engineering background as well as being a very experienced dentist; moreover, he explains extremely well and clearly works to the highest standard. The support staff are also very welcoming and helpful. I would recommend Dr Vahid as highly as possible.

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Tom Ogilvie-Graham
Tom Ogilvie-Graham

a month ago

Emergency Dental treatments

you can benefit and get treatment from our highly experienced and professional team of dentist providing emergency dental services and no matter what the problem, in 99% of the cases we resolve the issue.

We treat all sort of emergency dental treatments that, although is not limited to, but include:

Treating Toothache, what ever the cause.

  • Wisdom tooth pain.
  • Starting root canal treatments.
  • Broken tooth/teeth.
  • Extractions.
  • Fixing lost crowns, bridges or veneers.
  • Broken denture.
  • Making denture on the same day.
  • Dental Trauma.
  • Gum pain.
  • Swollen jaw.
  • Bleeding.

You will be seen and treated with a very professional team of people and our aim is to provide you with most excellent and professional dental care.

we speak many different languages in our clinic.