Yes. Why us? Why should you come and see us?

It is easy to say “come and visit us because we provide excellent care for our patient, we keep our self up to date with latest developments in dentistry, we use the latest technologies available is dentistry, we have a fantastic dental team, we have a clean and hygienic clinic that complies with all the regulatory body requirements and so on”….. these are all true and we do offer them, but these are not the only reasons why you should come come and visit us.

The most important reason is that, in addition to all of the above, we offer treatment as we would like to be treated ourselves. We don’t JUST behave as a professional offering first class service and treatment, we also see you as a person that is in need of our help, our services and our care. We listen to your concerns, consider your requests, circumstances and expectations and then we address your dental needs in line with that.

We assess, diagnose, offer alternative treatment options and treat our patients in the same way that we would like to be treated our self as a patient.

As professionals, we operate and offer least invasive dentistry. This means we only suggest and provide a treatment that has the least level of drilling and treatment. We follow this rule in all aspects of our dentistry specially in cosmetic dentistry.

Our fees are very transparent and we have tried to have fees that are fair and reasonable for a private clinic. They are based on the length of time we spent, the skills and experience of the provider of treatment and the materials used.

We have tried to make private dentistry affordable and available for all and allow people to benefit from the care we provide as much as possible. We are aware of the cost implications, so we have introduced up to 3 years 0% finance, available on all treatments above £600 to make it a possibility for as many people as possible.
We also offer alternative payment option of “Pay As You Go” for many treatments to make it easier for our patients.