Invisible removable aligner/brace

Invisible Braces London

Typically, Invisible braces are referred to as removable clear aligner systems such as Invisalign, SureSmile, Sparks or other similar products. These orthodontic systems commonly work by wearing a form of removable clear plastic aligner that are worn for a minimum of 22 hours a day and are regularly changed every 10-14 days. Changing the aligners gradually moves the teeth in the mouth as each aligner is slightly different in shape to the previous ones.

Invisible Fixed Ceramic Brace

Fixed metal brace, “train tracks”

Invisible braces are also referred to as another form of orthodontic appliance in which fixed ceramic or clear braces are glued to the teeth and therefore are not removable, hence the name fixed braces. The tooth coloured nature of ceramic or the clear plastic brackets of this brace system gives it the nickname “invisible brace” as they are much less visible than metal braces. Before the introduction of ceramic braces, all the components of fixed braces were made from metal, and were commonly referred to as “train tracks”. In invisible fixed ceramic braces, the metal wire can be coated with tooth coloured plastic, making it even less noticeable.

Invisible Braces cost in the UK and London

Any individual would want to know about the invisible braces cost when considering orthodontic treatment for straightening their teeth and improving their smile, irrespective of whether they would wish to have removable invisible braces or the fixed invisible braces.

As a guide, cost of the invisible braces, will generally dependent on the;
  • Complexity of the treatment and the length of time needed to complete the treatment.
  • Types of invisible braces that are considered.
  • Dental laboratory costs and the material costs.
  • Experience, skill and the qualifications of the treating dentist.

At Bayswater Dental Clinic, we offer some exclusive fixed fee package offers for both, removable invisible braces like Invisalign and SureSmile and also on Fixed Invisible Braces like 3M-Carity.

removable invisible braces
Fixed Invisible Braces

Our aim for offering these fixed fee package offers is to remove any ambiguity about how much a treatment will cost and avoiding hidden costs for our patients as much as possible, so from the start our patient fully know how much they have to pay for their treatment, making it easier to plan their finances.

Invisible Braces for adults

It may be a question in the mind of many adults whether they can have orthodontic treatment of any kind. In other words, can adult teeth be moved in the mouth or is it just teenagers that can have orthodontic treatments? Is it possible to straighten the teeth of adult patients regardless of it being a removable invisible brace or a fixed invisible brace?

The good news is that teeth can be aligned in any adult irrespective of their age to improve teeth function, enhance oral health and achieve a nicer smile. The important factor for adults or any other group of patients is that they must be fully committed to do the treatment as orthodontic treatment is time consuming and can take many months to complete. Compliance, commitments and patience are some of the most important factors that must be fully present when an individual, of any age, considers orthodontic treatment. Wearing the removable invisible braces every day for long spans of time or adaptation to having fixed braces glued on the teeth and need for regular visits to the dentist to achieve an ideal outcome only happens when there is full commitment.

Where is the dentist for Invisible braces near me?

Bayswater Dental Clinic is located in the central of London close to Hyde Park and Paddington. With excellent road, bus and several underground stations nearby, in addition to being open till late evenings and having weekend appointments, to our patients it always feel like it is the dental clinic near me.