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Somnowell is the most effective anti-snoring device, clinically proven to stop snoring and sleep apnoea after 15 years of research…as seen on BBC1 Goodnight Britain.somnowell logo

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What is Somnowell and how it works?

Somnowell is a Mandibular Advancement Appliance (MAA). This means it holds your bottom jaw forward, preventing the jaw and tongue from falling back to obstruct your airways whilst you sleep. A reduction or obstruction of the airways, known as Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA), can result in vibration of the soft tissues of the throat, producing the snoring sound audible. By keeping your jaw in a slightly forward position you would be able to breath in better and stop snoring. The cost of these disorders to the sufferers, their families and society is huge.

What are the advantages of Somnowell to alternative DIY devices?

  1. Somnowell is tailor made from slender but strong cobalt-chromium metal that nicely fits around the teeth.
  2. Somnowell allows the user to open and close their mouth and move the jaw sideways. This advantage has led to excellent patient satisfaction resulting in improved compliance with using the device.
  3. Because of its precise fit, they are easily tolerated and they are simple to clean and maintain. This is very different to the alternative plastic forms of MAA which are bulky, push the tongue back as the tongue space is reduced and they are difficult to keep clean.
  4. Plastic devices are not tailor made and soon after use they become obsolete.
  5. The new designs of Somnowell anti-snoring device have a dull function. They have strong biting blocks embedded in them. This not only allows them to be more effective as an anti-snoring device, it also acts as a night guard to protect the teeth in bruxist people that grind their teeth when sleeping.

Who is suitable for Somnowell?

Somnowell Anti-snoring device is effective to stop snoring for people who:

1 Snore when sleep.

2 Suffer from mild form of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). Some moderate forms of OSA can be treated with Somnowell. However these patients first need to be assessed by a physician (eg chest physician or ENT specialist) to have their condition diagnosed before any treatment can be recommended. Somnowell is not suitable for treatment of Severe form of OSA.

3 People need to be dentally fit before having any device to stop snoring. This include health of their gum in addition to the health of their teeth and any associated fillings or crowns.

associated complications with snoring and OSA.

Most of the complications related to snoring results from reduced supply of oxygen to the body. They can include;

  1. reduced like expectancy by upto 10 years.
  2. Cardiovascular impact: Ischemic heart disease and risk of heart failure.
  3. Stroke and loss of grey matter.
  4. Pulmonary distress and lung damage.
  5. Liver Hypertrophy (enlargement)