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Invisalign treatment straightens your teeth with the help of translucent plastic aligners that are fitted over the teeth. The aligners are virtually invisible unlike the traditional metal braces, which are quite conspicuous and attract unwanted attention. You can remove Invisalign aligners while eating, drinking or brushing, which is not possible with the traditional steel braces that require professional help to remove and re-fit.

There are different forms of Invisalign treatment depending upon the condition of your teeth, which include Invisalign Express, Invisalign Lite and Invisalign Comprehensive. At Bayswater Dental Clinic, you can expect to receive not just quality treatment from our excellent team of Invisalign dentists, but also to get it at competitive rates in addition to some special offers.


Invisalign Express (up to 7 set of aligners) @ £1495
Invisalign Lite (up to 14 set of aligners) @ £1995
Invisalign Comprehensive (more than 14 set of aligners) @ £2695

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rating star icon LondonAs always the best treatment; on this occasion a visit to hygienist followed by dental check up. I have been going to Dr. Clarke since 1977 as he takes the greatest care of his dental patients. The work he has done has always been of the highest standard possible and he always offers intelligent solutions. Since moving to Wales I still return to Bayswater for my dental treatment. I did have to have emergency treatment in Wales and the dentist was highly respectful of the work done by Dr Clarke. In fact I think he was in awe!
Can't speak highly enough!

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Colin Giles
Colin Giles

2 weeks ago

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rating star icon LondonHad my wisdom tooth out, was the quickest and least painful dental procedure ever. Melanie and the dental assistant were so patient. Constantly letting me know exactly what was going on and checking that I couldn’t feel anything. Would recommend everybody to use this dentist practice!

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Candice Blackburn
Candice Blackburn

a month ago


No, you do not need to pay for the whole treatment in advance. You can choose to make payments with pay-as-you-go option as follows:

1. Payment of £395 at the Clincheck video stage of Invisalign. This is the same amount, no matter what type of Invisalign is suggested.

2. Payment of;

£595 for Invisalign Express or

£695 for Invisalign Lite or

£795 for Invisalign Comprehensive

This is when the Clincheck video is approved by the patient and Invisalign is asked to manufacture the aligners.

3. Payments of £225-£250 is paid every time you come in for your review appointments till the full amount quoted above is settled. Usually Invisalign review appointments are 6-10 weeks apart.

In other words you make one payment of between £225-250 every 4-10 weeks til the full amount is paid. This breaks the payment down into sections and make it easier to pay for your Invisalign treatment.

Patients will be given a written treatment plan outlining the Invisalign cost and its breakdown for the type of Invisalign treatment recommended.


We offer 0% finance option for any Invsalign treatment. It is so easy to apply for finance and straight away after your free, no obligation consultation you can apply for the 0% finance at the clinic or at your leisure of your home. Within few minutes you will be told about the outcome of your application. The finance, like any other loan, is offered by the banks, and the provision of finance is subject to approval after a successful credit check history by the banks.

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rating star icon LondonGreat customer service and well-experienced dental surgeons. I was able to book a Saturday appointment after feeling a large bump on my gum on Monday. There was a longer-than usual wait time the day of the appointment and the receptionist was very accommodating and agreed to call me once the doctor was done. I live very close so went home for 15 minutes, hung my laundry, and got the call to come back.

It turned out I needed a tooth extraction as my last wisdom tooth was starting to break through. The dentist assured me he was a specialist in tooth extractions, and he is! Even the needle full of numbing agent was so fast I could barely feel it. The entire process, from me getting into the chair to them finishing the procedure (including taking x-rays) only took 45 minutes—the epitome of quick and painless at the dentist! They were also very accommodating and provided me OTC anti-inflammatory pills to save me a trip to Boots. I required no antibiotics, healed well, and my stitches fell out on schedule after 10 days. Highly recommend Bayswater Dental. :)

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Toni Chan
Toni Chan

5 months ago

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rating star icon LondonOwing to an upbringing in Scotland many years ago (pre Fluoride) and years of travelling as well as an injury to my jaw from a climbing accident, I have had to see well over 20 dentists in the course of my life. I have experience of dentists in several countries and work has included implants as well as other quite complex work. When I visited Dr Vahid at Bayswater, he drew up a comprehensive plan, which included some cosmetic work as I wanted to look my best for my marriage a few months ago. Not only did he explain every stage of the plan but he listened carefully to what I wanted or thought I wanted and adapted accordingly. His cosmetic work was superb and the other work that he did on dentistry that was failing was the best I have ever experienced. He has an engineering background as well as being a very experienced dentist; moreover, he explains extremely well and clearly works to the highest standard. The support staff are also very welcoming and helpful. I would recommend Dr Vahid as highly as possible.

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Tom Ogilvie-Graham
Tom Ogilvie-Graham

a month ago

Options for 0% finance are as follows:

– 0% finance for 18 months with NO deposits.
– 0% finance for 24 months with 15% deposit
– 0% finance for 36 months with 30% deposit

You can also have up to 3 years finance with ‘no deposit’ option. However, in that case about 8% surcharge will be applied. For more information, please contact the clinic and we would be very happy to assist you.


£50 off on the top and bottom fixed retainers (usual price £350).
£75 off on Invisalign Vivera retainers (usual price is £450 and you get 3 sets top and bottom).
£50 off on lip fillers treatment (usual price from £299).
£50 off on Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment. Ideal for skin and hair conditions such as spots and Acne (usual price £399).

Please note at any given time only one of these offers apply, unless otherwise specified by your dentist.


  1. All the appointments with the dentist that are needed to finish your aligners.
  2. All the impressions, scans and photos taken during the course of the treatment
  3. Making of your Clincheck video that projects the teeth and gum movements of the patient during the course of the Invisalign treatment, and discussing the treatment plan based on the video to your satisfaction.
  4. Making of aligners.
  5. All the procedures involved such as attachment placement and Interproximal Reductions (IPR), etc.
  6. Removal of the attachments at the end of the treatment.
  7. Doing minor adjustments to smooth the teeth and for improving their appearance at the end of the treatment.
  8. Home (teeth) whitening at the end of your treatment.
  9. One set of top and bottom Essix retainers to stop shifting of teeth and preventing relapse.
  10. All emergency visits and if needed replacement of attachments.
  11. Replacement of the attachments in the middle of treatment for very special occasions like marriage.
  12. There is no VAT addition

We offer free consultation
We offer “pay as you go” option
We offer 0% finance of 1-3 years
We offer free Home Teeth Whitening
We offer free Essix retainers