Same Day Emergency Denture Repairs in London 

Our dentists provide same day dentures in London. It is the solution when one has lost teeth and need to quickly replace them or broken their denture and need an immediate replacement denture as emergency. We are pleased to offer this service at Bayswater Dental clinic in heart of London.

Before and After Same Day Dentures

Same day dentures are made on the premises on the same day

Ideal when few teeth are missing or a small new denture is needed

An instant solution for replacing a tooth or few teeth

Starting price is £495

Considering a Emergency Denture Repair situation when one;

1. Has lost their denture.
2. Has broken their denture and no longer they can use it and need immediate treatment for replacing it.
3. Has been in an accident or a situation that has resulted in loos of teeth and need to replace them immediately.

Then at Bayswater Dental Clinic we offer to make a same-day-denture to help our patients with their immediate need.
This means if a denture is needed to replace few missing teeth, we see the patient in the morning for their impressions to be taken and by the late evening we will be able to provide them with their new denture.

If a complete denture is needed to replace all the missing teeth in one or both jaws, we can produce a denture in vast majority of the cases within 24 hours. This type of denture takes a bit longer than smaller denture to make, simply because of clinical and laboratory needs.

How are same day denture made?

Same day denture or immediate dentures are made from Acrylic plastic. To make a denture that replaces few teeth, we first take an impression of the jaw and choose the colour of the teeth.
Then our technician will come to the clinic specifically to produce the denture and make the denture at the clinic. As producing the denture takes several hours, by the evening we will be able to give you your new denture.

If many teeth are missing or a complete denture needs to be made, then more time is needed as several clinical measurements in different stages has to be done before the denture can be made. In these cases at least 24 hours is needed for the dentist and the technician to make the same day denture.

Is the “same day denture” made in the same way as dentures are usually made?

Yes. The procedure for making these denture is not any different to when a denture is made over several days. It is just that the technician due to the emergency nature of the work, concentrate on making your denture. The same steps and procedures are taken to make the denture as usual. The only difference is that cost of these dentures are higher than usual simply because the technician has to attend the clinic for producing the work rather than making it in their laboratory over several days/weeks.