Laser Gum Contouring

Laser gum contouring,…… a simple, pain free and fast recovery time for a more beautiful smile.

With laser gum contouring, no bleeding, no pain and instant result.

Gum fully healed within few days, fast recovery.

Only £50 per tooth

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Soft tissue lasers in dentistry has given the opportunity to treat many conditions with ease and usually in one visit.

what can laser gum contouring be used for?

Laser gum contouring, also known as laser gingivectomy, is one the least invasive treatments to reduce the amount of gum that covers the teeth.

1- It is the ideal treatment when teeth are not fully expressed as the result of overgrown gum. This can result in teeth appearing small and short. By cutting back the gum, more of the teeth become visible and hence a more beautiful smile.

2 – Laser gum contouring can be used to improve the appearance of some gummy smiles by reducing the gum level.

3 – Around the teeth for a more attractive looking smile when the gum level does not follow the natural correct shape.

4 – Some medication, as their side effect, can cause gum overgrowth specially with the gum in between the teeth. This simple procedure can be very effective to remodel the gum.

Is laser gum contouring painful?

Not at all.  Before patient are treated, they will be made numb, so nothing can be felt during the procedure. It is a completely painless experience. Post treatment recovery, in the vast majority of the cases, is simple fast and easy. There is no bleeding and by just taking few easy measures, within few days, the gum heals.

Am I suitable for gum re-contouring?

The best result with laser gum re-contouring is achieved in people when teeth are covered with overgrown gum.

There are also cases that there is no overgrown gum but a patient may just want to show less gum. Laser gum contouring can be effective in these cases, depending on the depths of the periodontal pockets they have (ie the space between the bone level underneath the gum and tip of the gum). Usually the gum can be reduced between 0.5 to 2 mm. Also the bio-type of the gum influence how much of the gum can be reduced.

In cases where some people want to improve their gummy smile, this technique can make some difference but one has to be aware that it can have limited results. In dental terms, reduction of 1-2 millimetre of gum can make a large difference.

What are the advantages and how quick is the recovery with laser gum contouring?

Recovery is very quick to compare with alternative methods like crown lengthening procedure. With laser treatment there is;

  • No bleeding
  • No sutures
  • Instant results
  • No pain or discomfort in recovery
  • Quick full healing within 7-10 days
  • Much cheaper than the alternative options like crown lengthening.

What are the disadvantages with laser gum contouring?

There are very few disadvantages. They can be listed as;

1- Re-growth of the gum. As the gum level ultimately is determined by the bone level underneath it. With laser, no changes are made to the bone level, so the gum can grow back. However the laser treatment can be repeated again.

2- If too much gum is removed, then root of the teeth which have different colour to the crown of the tooth can be exposed. in some cases , the gum grows back and can correct this.

What are alternative options to laser gum contouring?

It is called crown lengthening.

In biological terms, in a healthy mouth free from gum disease, the position of the gum is usually determined by the level of the bone underneath it. Traditionally to show more of the teeth and reduce the gum level, the crown lengthening procedure is carried out. In this surgical procedure, first the level of the bone under the gum is modified (ie reduced and reshaped) then the gum is re-positioned back on and sutured in place, resulting in more of the teeth to be shown and less of the gum. With crown lengthening one can expect a more definitive final gum position to compare with laser gum contouring alone, where bone position is not altered in the latter.

Disadvantages of crown lengthening procedure can be;

1- Longer recovery time

2- More extensive surgical procedure

3- More discomfort after surgery

4- Need for suture removal after surgery

5- Further treatment after healing period may be needed, such as veneers.

6- Is a more costly treatment than laser contouring