WHAT DOES INVISALIGN TREATMENT COST INCLUDE? 020 7229 4627 07885532883 Book Online
  1. All the appointments with the dentist that are needed to finish your aligners.
  2. All the impressions, scans and photos taken during the course of the treatment
  3. Making of your Clincheck video that projects the teeth and gum movements of the patient during the course of the Invisalign treatment, and discussing the treatment plan based on the video to your satisfaction.
  4. Making of aligners.
  5. All the procedures involved such as attachment placement and Interproximal Reductions (IPR), etc.
  6. Removal of the attachments at the end of the treatment.
  7. Doing minor adjustments to smooth the teeth and for improving their appearance at the end of the treatment.
  8. Home (teeth) whitening at the end of your treatment.
  9. One set of top and bottom Essix retainers to stop shifting of teeth and preventing relapse.
  10. All emergency visits and if needed replacement of attachments.
  11. Replacement of the attachments in the middle of treatment for very special occasions like marriage.
  12. There is no VAT addition