DO I NEED TO MAKE THE PAYMENT IN ONE GO? 020 7229 4627 07885532883 Book Online

No, you do not need to pay for the whole treatment in advance. You can choose to make payments with pay-as-you-go option as follows:

  1. Payment of £395 at the Clincheck video stage
  2. Payment of £595 – £795 to have your aligners made
  3. Payments of £225-£250 during each of your visits to replace your aligners, and at the time of your review appointments, usually 6-10 week apart. You will be making the payments until you reach the total cost of the treatment as quoted earlier

Patients will be given a written treatment plan depending upon the type of Invisalign treatment, and it will have all the information relating to payment and in what stages they need to be made.