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There are many different types of dental crowns that have been developed over many decades. They are mainly categorised by the type of materials used to make the dental crown. The most common types used can be categorised into:

  1. All metallic dental crowns which can be made from precious or non-precious metal.
  2. All ceramic dental crowns which are mostly used in the aesthetic zone of the mouth. They can be made from a variety of materials such as porcelain, zirconium, lava, etc..
  3. Combination of a metal core with a type of ceramic on top for better aesthetics.

The oldest material, and still the best material for dental crowns is gold. Because of its colour, they are not used in aesthetic zones in modern dentistry, unless a patient wishes to specifically have a gold dental crown. They are, however, the best choice of dental crown material for back teeth which are not visible. Its disadvantage is only the cost as gold is an expensive material.