One of the great things about PRP Treatment is how safe and low-risk it is. Because the treatment relies on the patient’s own blood with no additives or chemical treatment, the injections are completely natural. This means the chances of the body rejecting the treatment is minimal and the usual risk of allergic reactions or skin sensitivity is greatly reduced.

Generally patients can expect some light bruising, redness and swelling around where the injections were administered, along with a little tenderness and pain there. These should go within a few days, however, and are nothing abnormal. It is also not uncommon for many patients to feel some mild itchiness for the first day or two after treatment in the area where the injections were made. Again, this is normal and will subside quickly.

The worst that most patients will experience from a Vampire Facelift is puffiness in the face immediately after the procedure. This may especially affect the area around the eyes, which may also look slightly bruised, but these should disappear within a few hours, or at worst over a few days. The reason the eyes are affected in this way is because the skin around them is packed with small blood vessels and treatment in this area will almost always affect them.