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PRP injections work in a fascinating way by essentially drawing a small amount of your blood, treating it, and injecting it back into the appropriate area. Understanding exactly how this is done shows why it works, explains its low risk factor, and explains a lot about its popularity.

First of all the blood that was removed is placed inside a sterile sealed test tube before being put into special centrifuge for around ten minutes. This centrifuge separates the blood into its individual components, dividing the red and white blood cells from the platelets and plasma.

The plasma in the test tube will now contain more platelets as a result of the treatment and is called ‘platelet rich plasma’, or PRP for short. This will contain plenty of special proteins known as ‘growth factors’ that help to repair damaged or worn skin tissue. This is the substance that helps the human body recover from burns and skin injuries, and it is injected into whichever location needs treatment. From there the platelet rich plasma will send signals through the body, encouraging other cells to rush to the injected area. These cells then get to work healing, clearing and rejuvenating by stimulating the surrounding cells and increasing their volume.

One particular cell that is activated in this process is called the fibroblast cell. This is the collagen-producing cell, and it is collagen that gives our skin its vibrant youthful look. Yet as we get older our bodies produce less and less collagen which leads to us developing the wrinkles and fine lines associated with ageing. PRP Treatment encourages our bodies to produce collagen as well as the pre-adipoctye cell which helps fill out our face to give it that younger appearance.