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The very first step in the lip augmentation procedure is consultation. You need to visit a qualified expert and discuss if the procedure is right for you. They would inform you of the requirements in terms of preparation and cost as well as the risks involved.

Before your lip augmentation procedure, you may need to follow some general health guidelines. You need to let your doctor know if you are currently taking any prescribed or bought over the counter medication. You may be advised to stop some medication, such as blood thinners, after your doctor weighs the risks and benefits. You should also avoid drinking alcohol or smoking, some weeks before your procedure.

The procedure
Injecting hyaluronic acid fillers is a fairly simple process and it comes with little or no discomfort. The procedure takes less than an hour, results are seen immediately and you could get back to carrying out your daily activities immediately after the procedure.

If you feel some discomfort after the injection, your doctor may give you ice cubes to ease the discomfort and swelling. You would also be advised to avoid alcohol, exercise, using lipsticks and other cosmetic products applied on the lips immediately after the injection.