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The term ‘dermal fillers’ is broadly used to refer to any material or substance that is used or has previously been used for the purpose of removing wrinkles or filling out lines on the face or other areas in the body. Dermal fillers are administered as injections into the skin and most of them only act for a short duration because they end up being absorbed into the body. The need for maintenance and repeat injection, therefore, arises. Full wrinkle-smoothening effect may not be seen in some people until after multiple injections while others may experience almost immediate results with dermal fillers.

Various substances have been used as dermal fillers and varying results have been obtained but products containing hyaluronic acid have come to be the mainstay of dermal fillers today. Also, known as soft tissue fillers, dermal fillers are specially administered for diminishing facial lines, and restoration of volume, as well as fullness. Asides Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, synthetic wrinkle fillers e.g. Sculptra, collagen wrinkle fillers and autologous wrinkle fillers are also in use