Your hand is another body part that will lose significant volume while you age. Exposure to the sun and constant use also contributes to the bony and old appearance your hand assumes as you grow older. Due to the loss of volume underlying the skin, your veins would become more prominent and your tendons could start showing. Concentrating all efforts on your face and neck while completely neglecting your hands could render your efforts at achieving a youthful appearance fruitless.

Dermal fillers such as Radiesse and Voluma are preferred by doctors for restoration of volume on the hands. Voluma is longer lasting and its effects typically last for about a year. Radiesse is calcium based while Voluma contains hyaluronic acid but both produce fantastic effects and are capable of giving your hands the plump and pretty look of yesteryears.

You are unlikely to feel any pain at all as both Radiesse and Voluma come with lidocaine, a local anaesthetic. If your physician would be using a product that is not preformulated with lidocaine, a numbing cream should be applied and you would end up not feeling anything. The effects are seen almost immediately and would get better in the few days following the injection, as the dermal fillers blend with your skin.