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Like all other invasive (involving the use of injections) procedures, the possibility of pain cannot be totally eliminated. The pain experienced from dermal filler injection should under normal circumstances be slight and should only arise from the piercing of the needle. Multiple injections are usually required; thus, you might feel the piercing pain multiple times. Individuals may also experience different levels of pain due to varying thresholds of pain sensation. It is, however, highly unlikely to experience severe pain due to dermal filler injections.

Thankfully, many dermal filler solutions available today are pre-formulated with lidocaine, a potent local anaesthetic agent. This makes it possible for you to get a dermal filler injection without feeling any pain at all. If your physician is using a product that doesn’t contain a local anaesthetic, a numbing cream may be used. The cream is rubbed on your face some minutes before the injection and it guarantees a completely painless procedure. The cost of treatment may increase significantly if a numbing cream is to be used.