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As we age, there is an increased tendency of the fat pads making up the cheek to droop downwards. This would, in turn, make the folds around the nose and mouth region more obvious and this is worsened by the resorption that occurs to the cheek bones as a normal component of the aging process. The overall result is an apparent loss of volume the cheeks that give the face an unbalanced appearance.

Using dermal fillers for cheekbone augmentation corrects this unbalanced structure. Dermal fillers act by restoring cheek volume and consequently, cheek and facial proportions. Surgical treatments involving insertion of cheek implants have also been used for this purpose but dermal fillers are now preferred as they are equally as effective (if not more) and pose much fewer risks.

Dermal filler injections are administered directly into the cheek and the amount required would depend on the level of augmentation needed for the individual. The type of filler used would determine the period of time the volume will stay restored. Some dermal fillers tend to last longer than the other, and although these may be initially expensive, they tend to give more value later on as fewer maintenance visits would be required.