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Still trying to decide whether or not Botox® injections would be an adequate anti-wrinkle treatment for you? In order to make the best possible choice, you need to fully understand not only what Botox® is, but how it works and whether or not it is suitable for your condition, lifestyle, and budget.

We wanted to give you the most extensive and detailed guide to Botox® injections available today. This resource is packed with information about how Botox® injections are used as an anti-wrinkle treatment and how transforming it could be for you and your lines.

We have included everything you need to know about Botox® injections, from what the Botulin toxin is, how it works, how safe the treatment is, how quickly you can expect results and for how long, how painful the injections are, as well as important aspects which can impact your daily life such as comfort and movement post injection and obviously cost – so you can assess whether or not Botox® injections are an adequate anti-wrinkle treatment for you and your lifestyle.