Tooth Contouring

Tooth contouring,…… a simple procedure that with minimal tooth alteration can get a massive improvement in their appearance and your smile.

Teeth contouring or reshaping,….an instant improvement in your smile completed within minutes and in one visit!

Consultation is £39

Cost is £50 per tooth

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What is teeth contouring?

It is reshaping the incisal tips of the the top or bottom front teeth by making some minor reductions or changes to them. It is a simple, but skilled, procedure that can be done at the same time of your consultation visit. So you can get almost an instant result and change your smile as long your dentist knows what needs to be done and has some experience in doing it.

Is teeth contouring painful?

No. It should not be painful. If during the procedure pain or a strong sensation is felt, that means may be too much of the tooth is being removed. So as long is a measured and sensible approach, then there is absolutely no pain.

How much tooth contouring can be done safely?

There is a limit in how much of the teeth can be removed during the reshaping. The amount varies from tooth to tooth but usually we are talking about 0.5-1.0 mm. Sometimes may be slightly more before the tooth becomes sensitive. You may say this is very little and no difference is made by such small changes! But remember in dental terms, 1 millimetre can make a big difference and has a big impact on the appearance of the teeth. We know this from experience and treating 100s of patients.

Can I change the shape of the tooth by contouring the surface of them?

Most of the alterations are usually done on the tip of the teeth for leveling them or shortening some teeth, making the teeth less pointed like for eye teeth and removing the small chips or smoothing the jagged edges. Sometimes a very small adjustments can be made to the surface of the teeth but they are usually limited.

Can I make my teeth more aligned by contouring them?

Unless the issue is of very minute amounts, the answer is really no and one should consider a more appropriate option for alignment of the teeth like orthodontic treatment such as Invisalign or in some cases, where possible and advisable, by Dental veneers like Composite or porcelain veneers.

What are the alternative options when teeth contouring is not advisable?

There are limited other options and it depends on the main concern of the patient and what they wish to achieve. Considering this the alternative options to teeth contouring can be orthodontic treatment or the veneer options, depending what would be the most suitable choice. Orthodontic treatment can make teeth appear shorter by intruding them when they appear too long and at the same time align the teeth If is needed. The veneer option, like composite veneers which is usually the least invasive option, teeth can be build up when they are broken down substantially or have a very jagged edges which is not possible to smooth just by contouring.