Laser Gum Bleaching

Laser gum bleaching or laser depigmentation …. a simple, pain free and fast procedure to remove the brown or dark colours to get a pink looking gum!


Before and after of Laser Gum Bleaching
Before and after of Laser Gum Bleaching

Laser gum bleaching, a fast & safe way to remove pigments

Treatment cost starts from £200

£495 for one jaw

£795 for both  jaws

Can have one free top up appointment

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There are different reasons for having brown colours or dark patches on the gum which can be localised or wide spread. The most common cause is genetic which is more widespread in some ethnic groups.

The dark area, also known as pigmented gum, is not an indication of a disease or dysfunction. It merely is the natural appearance of the gum. Removing the pigments with laser is a cosmetic treatment, in the same way that some people consider veneers for having whiter teeth.

Where does the dark colour of the gum come from?

One reason is the build up of Melanin that is produced by the cells in the gum and the accumulation of Melanin gives it the dark appearance. The effect of laser is to remove the cells that produce the Melanin and hence removing the darkness in the gum, making it to go more pink with no or very little pigmentation.

Other possibilities for gum staining can be amalgam tattooing, diseased gum or when a root of a tooth has discoloured or an implant is placed very close to the bone surface. Not all these types of darkness is suitable for Laser Gum Bleaching.

Am I suitable for gum bleaching?

Laser gum bleaching is very effective when dark patches are produced by Melanin making cells. This is the most common cause of dark gum. We always suggest to benefit from having your free consultation, so the clinician can assess your case.

Gum bleaching is not effective when the darkness is the result of:

1– Gum disease.

2– In people that have thin gums with the root of the teeth very close to the surface. In these cases treatment can cause sensitivity.

3– When the dark colour is the result of dark roots or implants showing through the gum.

4– It is not suitable for people that take medications to thin their blood.

How effective is the treatment and what if all pigments are not removed?

It can be very effective and usually it is completed in one visit. This is true specially in cases where the Melanin producing cells are close to the surface of the gum. If they are embedded deeper into the gum, then some areas may need a top up. In our clinic we offer one top up appointment for free in your review appointment which is 2-3 weeks after the initial treatment.

How long does the effect last?

The effect tend to last for a long time, although many factors can affects it. Usually the result can last up to 20 years or longer.

Is gum bleaching / laser depigmentation painful?

It is not a painful procedure. Laser only treat the very superficial layer of the gum and some minor sensation can be felt which in most cases can be managed with topical local anaesthesia. However if patients prefers to be numb for the procedure, that is not a problem and they can have full local anaesthesia.

How long does the procedure take to do?

It depends on the size of the area that needs to be treated. The larger the size, the longer it takes, but usually the procedure takes between 20-60 minutes to complete.

What is the healing time after laser depigmentation?

The healing process is fast, although vary from person to person. There are certain things that are needed before treatment to ensure good healing like a hygiene appointment and scaling and polishing.

After treatment some care needs to be taken. Smoking should be avoided and mouth washes helps the recovery and healing process.