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What is the process of doing dental veneers?

  • First, in your free consultation, patient will be listened to and find out what is their main concern and what they wish to have.
    Then teeth will be assessed and gum condition checked. Patient should have sound healthy teeth and gum before considering any cosmetic treatment. If they you have not had a recent check up, we can provide you with a check up and a clean if you wish to consider it.
  • Once the health of teeth and gum is established, we assess whether you are a suitable case for porcelain veneers, based on your expectations and requests. In other words whether your veneers can be done without any tooth removal or not.
  • If all is fine, then Trial smile procedure will follow which is a demonstration of the shape and size of the veneers. Trial smile or wax up is when with wax, a mock-up of the veneers are done on a cast model of your teeth for demonstration. So you get to see in advance what is going to be achieved with your veneers. If any tooth removal or other modifications are needed to be made to your teeth, it will be shown and discussed with you on the trial smile in details.
  • Once patient is happy with the Trial smile result, teeth are treated and modified, if needed, as shown and discussed at the Trial Smile stage.
    Impressions of the prepared teeth is taken and provisional veneers are placed on the teeth which is based on the design discussed on the trial smile. Patient now can get a better idea of what their veneers will look like on their teeth and if they wish to make some minors changes, it is possible to do it at this stage before the final veneers are made in the lab.
  • Next stage is the fit of the veneers. When the dentist is satisfied with the veneers, we make sure our patients are also 100% happy with the shape, size and colour of the veneers before they are fitted on.