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What are the disadvantages of porcelain veneers?

They can be listed as ;

1 – Because there is no or minimal drilling of the teeth, teeth can appear larger in size when the veneers are fitted. The ideal case for no drilling veneers is when one has small teeth and wish to have more expressive teeth.

2 – To avoid teeth appearing larger in size and bulky, some tooth removal may be needed and this is not always advisable specially on sound healthy teeth. On this occasions composite veneers may be a a more suitable option.

3 – They can deboned and come off.

4 – They can chip and break which will require the veneers to be fully replaced and has cost implications.

5 – They are not easily repairable, if at all possible.

6 – Patients has to be aware that every 7-10 years they may need replacing and this has cost implications.