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How much porcelain veneers cost?

  • In general, the cost of any dental veneer is based on:
  • Experience and skills of the person providing the treatment.
  • Experience and skills of the dental technician making the veneers.
    The type of materials used.
  • Whether they are brand types like Lumineers and Durathin veneers.
  • The cost of one or two veneers can be more than when one is having multiple veneers. There are also some additional costs such as for Trial Smiles which is a necessity when having more than 2 veneers.

At Bayswater Dental Clinic patients will receive:

  1. Free consultation.
  2. There is free home whitening when more than 4 veneers are done.
  3. Emax veneers cost starts from £495 each and they are one of the most durable type of veneers.
  4. Trial Smiles cost £50 per tooth with minimum fee of £150.