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What is the procedure for Dental BonDing?

Once your suitability is assessed in your free no obligation consultation for dental bonding, in vast majority of cases, you are advised to consider a “Trial Smile”, specially when many teeth are being treated. A trial smile is a process of making the changes to your teeth on a cast model of them first. Based on the shape and design you wish to have for your dental bonding, the dental technician by using wax, makes the desirable shape and dental bonding on the cast model of your teeth. it is therefore a mock build up of the dental bonding to allow you to see what shape teeth you will end up with.

This is done by taking an impression of your teeth and sending it to the lab. Based on your requests and expectations, the modifications are made to your teeth on the cast model by an experienced dental technician.

While your Trial Smile is being made, if you have decided to whiten your teeth, you proceed with the teeth whitening. In a review added to your teeth, shaped, contoured and polished to get that beautiful smile you are looking for.