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What are the disadvantages of Composite bonding ?

To compare with porcelain veneers as an alternative option:

  1. Composite bonding can stain easier than porcelain veneers. However the remedy is easy and they can be polished and cleaned regularly. How fast composite bonding can stain very much depends on diets and habits of an individual, similar to natural teeth.
  2. The appearance and quality of composite bonding very much depend on the skill and experience of the dentist doing them. Any dentist can add composite material to a tooth but not every dentist can do beautiful composite bonding.
  3. Composite bonding cannot be whitened. But this is true with any form of dental restorations including porcelain veneers. Ideally teeth should be whitened first and then have the composite bonding or porcelain veneers done. Then the colour of the veneers can be matched to the whitened teeth.