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During dental treatments, when using dental equipment and instruments, “bio-aerosols” are generated as the result of oral cavity access, tooth scaling and tooth preparations. The large number of water mist and aerosols generated during the treatment carries numerous pathogens which could be floating and staying in the air for several hours, potentially causing a huge threat to the health of patients and dentists. These pathogens can remain for several hours in the air even after a patient has left the surgery. Sars-Covid 19, commonly known as Coronavirus, is one of the pathogens that can remain floating for a long time in the confined space of a surgery.

At Bayswater Dental Clinic, we are one of the very few dental clinics in the U.K. that have taken measures to reduce the risk of cross infection through aerosol generated pathogens by placing “plasma air purifiers”. Based on the manufacturers information, High-pressure Plasma Air Purifier, uses the latest technology in removing the pathogens such as viruses floating in the surgery space.

This, in addition to the other measures we have taken, substantially reduces the risk of cross infection through the aerosol generated pathogens in our clinic.