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In the human mouth, there are several hundreds of infectious microorganisms, namely, bacteria and viruses with HIV and Coronavirus as examples.

One of commonest forms of pathogen transmission in dentistry is through the use of instruments and the equipment. To help reduce these risks, we have taken several measures;

1- We follow the standard set out by the regulatory bodies. Further more, we  follow the highest standards set out by them and implement their recommendations in addition to complying with their basic standard guidelines and essential requests.

2- We use top of the range materials and equipments, at much higher costs, for cold and hot sterilisation of the instruments and equipment. As an example we use Vacuum Autoclaves for hot disinfection of our instruments which allow sterilisation of the most inner parts of  the instruments that have internal sections, like the dental drills, where traditional autoclaves are not as effective in accessing those inner parts.

3- As much as possible, although it has much higher costs, we only use disposable materials and equipments, so nothing is shared between the patients, substantially reducing the risk of cross infection.

These are some of the measures we have taken to ensure the highest standard of cross infection control in our dental clinic.