Nervous Patients


Most of our patients receive treatment using a local anaesthetic, with or without the prior use of a surface anaesthetic jelly, rubbed on to the gums. Especially with new patients to the clinic, some apprehension is understandable. We minimize your concerns by

  • Listening carefully to your needs
  • Making sure that the treatment is fully understood and agreed
  • Progressing with treatment at a pace that is comfortable

We are aware of your anxieties and endeavour to deal with them sensitively.

There are some circumstances when it is appropriate to offer sedation as a further means of enabling patients to feel fully relaxed and confident to progress with their treatment.

The sedation

The sedation that we offer for patients who are particularly nervous of dental treatment, can take the following forms:-

  • Taking a light sedative tablet in the clinic 30 minutes before your appointment. This eases your feelings of tension or anxiety.
  • Breathing in a mixture of Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen, ( known as “space gas” or “fairy gas” for the youngsters and “relative analgesia” (RA), for the older patients).
  • We also provide a more profound form of sedation, requiring a small injection into your arm, and with safety, you’re unaware of the treatment to follow. This leaves you feeling relaxed and drowsy, though able to tolerate lengthy periods of treatment without feeling anxious or stressed.