Invisalign Comprehensive or Full

Invisalign Comprehensive, previously known as Invisalign Full,……. is ideal for straightening teeth with moderate to advanced crowding or closing gaps of more than 4 mm wide. Invislaign Comprehensive is for cases were more than 14 sets of almost invisible aligners are needed and treatment takes longer than 6 month to complete. Your teeth will be assessed first by our experienced invsalign dentists that are Elite Invisalign provider in a free no obligation consultation to assess your suitability for treatment with Invislaign.

Highly experienced and competent team of Invisalign providers
Invisalign Comprehensive @ £2695
We have pay-as-you-go option for payments or
Can have 1-3 years 0% finance
Free consultation, can book directly ONLINE

Who can be treated with Invisalign comprehensive clear aligners?

Invisalign comprehensive has been designed to treat moderate to severe  cases of crowding and misalignment. It is prescribed by the dentist when a case requires more than 14 sets of aligners to complete the treatment. Although, theoretically one can have infinite number of aligners with Invisalign Full, but realistically it is ideal for cases where up to 25-30 sets of aligners are needed. This means it is good for people that need between 12-16 months of treatment to achieve their beautiful smile.

But remember with the addition of AcceleDent Optima which speeds up tooth movement by up to 50%, the treatment can be finished in almost half the usual time.

How does Invisalign, the invisible clear plastic brace system work?

Invisalign aligner system, uses two of the most advanced recent technological developments in human history and  combines them together to produce the near invisible clear plastic brace system for teeth movement with accuracy and efficiency, called short term orthodontic treatment. Using the information received from treating almost 5 million people with Invisalign, powerful softwares design your teeth movement with least invasive and fastest options and making the near invisible braces by means of 3D printing.

The procedure is as follows;

  • First assessment of your case in the free consultation you get.
  • If deemed suitable, some records are taken.
  • Next Invisalign produce a video called Clincheck video. It shows the movement of your teeth, any accessory treatments needed, number of aligners and the final result achievable.
  • When patient is happy with the result, then the aligners are ordered to be made.
  • Treatment starts by patient wearing the first aligners and having any necessary adjustments needed based on the Clincheck video.
  • Treatment is completed once you finish wearing the last aligners.
  • Finally planning the best retainers option to prevent the teeth moving back and avoiding relapse.

What is a Clincheck video?

Clincheck video is a 3 dimensional simulation of the teeth and gum movements. It is based on a computer assessment of the teeth and their position. Based on the information collected from millions of people already treated with Invisalign, the software, based on the instruction and requirement of the dentist, plans the most effective,  least invasive and fastest possible form of treatment. Then these movements are presented in a video so patient can see for themselves how the teeth are moved and what final result expect to get.

How long do I have to wear the clear braces / aligners for?

For an effective and predictable outcome, patient must wear the aligners minimum 22 hours a day. They are removed for eating and drinking, although you can wear them when drinking water.

The clear plastic aligners are changed every 2 weeks and patient continues with this pattern until the last aligner is used.

What can I do to speed up the teeth moving faster?

Recent studies and research has shown that the slow movement of the teeth can be speed up by up to 50% when we sue AcceleDent Optima. This effective device by using SoftPulse technology speeds up the teeth movement by up to 50% and can reduce to half the length of time it takes to finish a course of Invisalign or conventional orthodontic. A magical solution!

How effective are Invisalign clear aligners and does it really work?

World wide more than 4 million people have been successfully treated with Invisalign clear braces. It is an effective form of orthodontic treatment that is suitable to treat vast majority of the cases treated with conventional bracket and wires (train tracks).

Invisalign benefits from having the 3 dimensional Clincheck video simulation which shows to the patient in advance the course of teeth movement. It has been shown with a good compliance, patients can achieve up to 87% of the result seen in Clincheck video. In short patient can be confident that it is an effective and efficient form of orthodontic treatment in most if not all the cases.

What is the cost of Invisalign Full clear braces?

We currently charge £2695 for Invisalign Full. We do not expect patient to pay the full fee in advance and we have introduced some facilities to make payments for the treatment more easy and palatable. To make it more convenient for our patients, the payments can be made by pay as you go option or alternatively by 0% finance options.

With “pay as you go” option, the payments will be;

1-  Clincheck video at £395

2-  When the aligners are ordered, at £795

3-  Six separate payments of about £250, every 4-12 weeks

With 0% finance option;

Over 18 month (no deposits needed), the repayments will be in order of £149 per month.

For 36 month option, your repayments will be down to almost £53 per month. For this option a deposit of about £800 will be required.

There is also option of 36 month finance with no deposit. However a levy charge of about 7% is applied.

Please remember finance option is subject to approval by the its provider, the banks, after a successful credit history check.