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To prevent serious dental and medical complications you should contact an emergency dentist to remove any infections related to wisdom teeth.

Our dentists can determine the cause and the spread of infection, find if there is a cyst or abscess and assess if the wisdom tooth is impacted. Your dentist can provide the necessary treatment and recommend wisdom tooth extraction if needed.

The monitoring of wisdom teeth development by a dentist can help identify early infection and prevent painful symptoms. Treatment can be provided to remove the start of infection. In some cases, leaving the wisdom tooth to naturally develop is an option, but it is best to follow your dentist’s recommendations.

For partially erupted wisdom teeth, sometimes cutting and removing the gum covering the wisdom tooth can offer pain relief and help treat an infection.

A wisdom tooth may be removed in a dental surgery by a dentist or in a hospital by a dental surgeon. A local anaesthetic will be injected into the affected area to numb the pain. The practitioner will apply pressure to the tooth to loosen it from its socket.

The procedure is a short one that normally takes only a few minutes but can last up to 20 minutes and sometimes more.

The gum is normally only sore from the time until the anaesthetic wears off until around three days later, but the pain sometimes lasts for two weeks. Your dentist might recommend a particular mouthwash, over-the-counter pain-killers or prescribe antibiotics.