After your treatment you will be advised by your doctor on how to reduce any swelling or pain. This typically includes applying a cold compress to the treated area and advising you not to touch any swollen parts. They will also likely recommend you do not apply any cream or makeup for at least six hours after the procedure to minimise the risk of infection.

Despite this most patients find they can go straight back into their daily lives as normal after getting a Vampire Facelift. They will not experience immediate results but, as previously mentioned, they will see an improvement slowly occurring in the months after the treatment. This can take up to a full year to be completely apparent, and with the effects of PRP Treatment lasting anywhere between one year to two years this can prove ideal for many people.

However, PRP Treatment has also been found to be one of the more variable cosmetic options available. The amount that an individual will benefit from receiving PRP injections differs greatly from person to person. It is impossible to say how someone will respond to the treatment before it is done, with some noticing far stronger results than others.