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Any cosmetic procedure designed to improve the appearance of the lips by making it plumper and fuller is referred to as lip augmentation. Although different techniques have been employed for lip augmentation, the use of dermal fillers has become the most effective and reliable method and is widely adopted.

Dermal fillers for lips are mainly Hyaluronic acid fillers and they work by improving water retention and consequently, the volume of the lips. They are injected directly into the lips and also in the neighbouring area around the mouth. The use of collagen as dermal fillers for the lips has become less popular due to other long-lasting alternatives. Fat injections have also been used but they have been associated with more side effects and less consistent results.

Dermal fillers for lip augmentation are capable of improving the appearance of the lips by correcting shape, structure and volume depletion. As generally observed for dermal fillers, the lip augmenting effect of dermal fillers injected into the lips tend to last for an average of 6 months. After this period, maintenance injections would be needed to ensure the volume of the lips is kept intact. Sometimes, there may be a need for gradual administration of the injection and your physician may fix many appointments for you.