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‘It’s completely painless’ has to rank as one of the most told lies in history. So often, nurses trying to be kind have told us or our kids that an injection won’t hurt a bit. Many times the statement ends up being believable, as only slight pain is felt. Some other times, it’s an outright lie. Botox injection has to fall under many times in this discussion. Under normal circumstances, taking a shot of Botox has not been associated with moderate pain, talk less of severe pain. Asides the normal pain that is expected from inserting a needle into any part of the body, a shot of Botox does not cause more than a pinch or sting.

The site of injection also influences the sensation of pain. Patients receiving the injection around the eye area and lips tend to feel more pain than other sites. Injections administered to the forehead are typically less painful due to the thicker and less sensitive skin in that region. This is, however, not a general rule for everyone. Some may find other areas more painful than the ones mentioned. Genetics also play a role in skin sensitivity and consequently, the sensation of pain. So the next time you see adverts describing Botox injections as pain-free, you should know that it may not be completely true as different people have different pain thresholds. What is true, however, is that it is very uncommon to see a patient writhing in agony when leaving the doctor’s office after taking Botox shots.

If you feel you are unable to tolerate any form of pain, a local anesthetic or numbing cream may be administered prior to administration of your Botox shots. Although this would make the injection completely painless, it is rarely needed. Additionally, opting for a painless administration somewhat bumps the cost of treatment. So if you have the phobia and the funds, you may just go for it.