bayswater dental clinic team

Meet our team of dentists, hygienist & staff

We are a dedicated team of dental professionals, providing excellent care and highly skilled dental treatments. Our experienced team provides a wide range of routine dental treatments such as fillings, crowns and bridges, root canal treatments, implants and hygiene visits in addition to cosmetic veneers, laser gum contouring, laser gum depigmentation, laser frenectomy, wrinkle reductions, filler enhancements, non surgical rhinoplasty, tooth whitening and many other form of dental treatments.

All members of our clinical team are registered with the General Dental Council. All our dentists adhere to the rules governing the profession under strict guidance from the General Dental Council (GDC) “Standards for Dental Professionals”.

We work closely with our London and U.K. based dental laboratories and having trusted colleagues to whom we can refer you for specialist treatments, enables us to plan for all your dental needs.

Dr Brian Clarke
Dr Brian Clarke
Principal Dentist & Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry
Vahid Motahar
Dr Vahid Motahar
Principal dentist in restorative, cosmetic and short term orthodontics
melanie castelhano
Dr. Melanie Castelhano
Dentist & Invisalign Specialist
fabrizio cipolla
Fabrizio Cipolla
Dentist & Endodontics Specialist
maria abiagom
Maria Abiagom
Mina Mihaileasa
Mina Mihaileasa
Gabby Basu
Gabby Basu