Payment Options

Dental treatment is an excellent investment in an individual’s health and well being. Because of this, we believe financial consideration should not be an obstacle to obtaining dental care. Being sensitive to the fact that different patients have different needs, we provide you with three payment options. Please speak to our reception team who can guide you through your preferred choice.

Option 1 –  Pay as you go 

Cost of the treatments is spread over the number of visits it takes to complete a usually long treatment plan such as Invisalign, 6-month Smiles and long General Dentistry Treatments.

Option 2 – Equal monthly payment with 0% Finance over 12-36 months

You can pay for the total cost of any general or cosmetic dental treatment by 0% finance option, allowing to spread the cost with by equal monthly payments.

  • 0% over 12-18 month with NO deposit
  • 0% over 24 month with 15% deposit
  • 0% over 36 month with 30% deposit
How does it works?

very simple! First you fill in the application form which can be done on line, once you know how much you need to apply for after your consultation and getting your treatment plan.

Subject to a successful credit check by the finance provider, your application is then approved and you will make equal monthly payments directly to the finance provider, usually a bank. your treatment starts as soon as your finance is approved.

We will assist and facilitate your application by using the arrangements we have set up with a specialist dental credit finance company to give you the best chance of a successful outcome.

The minimum level of finance you can apply for any treatment is  £500

a Typical example for a 0% finance option over 12-36 month;

Let say a treatment that in total cost £1200, your payments will be;

  • 12 payments of £100 per month. This is for the 12 month option with NO deposit.
  • 36 payments of £23 per month. This is for the 36 month option with £360 initial deposit.

Option 3 – Membership Plan, £17 per month

HAS 10% discount on all general dentistry treatments

We have developed a membership scheme to address your needs. The main aims of the scheme are to encourage preventive treatment, help spread the cost of treatment and reward our loyal patients with a deduction on the cost of treatment. The scheme is very simple and any adult can join at any time.

  • Twice yearly dental check ups, worth £78
  • Twice yearly visits to the hygienist for a standard scale and polish, worth £118
  • Preventive advice on oral hygiene and diet
  • Up to 2 small radiographs, minimum saving of £20
  • 10% discount on treatments (with the exception of laboratory bills and implants), can be worth £100s
  • Include the following offers;
    • One set of free Essix retainers per annum, worth £150
    • Or one syringe of whitening gel per annum, worth £50
    • Or one soft night guard per annum, worth £150
  • Free examination for children up to the age of 18, whose parents are existing patients,  worth £39 for each child

Please note that the membership scheme start date is when the first direct debit payment has been received by the clinic and will be considered annually from that date. If a membership is cancelled by the patient prior to completion of one year period, then the normal fees will be applied to any treatment already provided and any difference in treatment cost (thus between membership fees and non-membership fees as published on the website and above) has to be settled by the patient.

If you have been made aware that advanced treatments such as crowns will be required in the future, you may wish to add additional monthly amounts to build up a “treatment fund”.


You can have that essential treatment now. By spreading your repayments over a number of years with low monthly instalments, you can afford the cosmetic treatment that you’ve been putting off for years.