patient information

Patient Information

Facilities in the practice

Intra-oral camera

The use of our intra-oral camera along with digital X-rays, allows you to gain a greater understanding of your oral health.

Digital radiography

We use the latest in digital X-ray machines, reducing any radiation to minimal levels. The system also allows us immediate viewing of the pictures taken. No waiting for a diagnosis.


During the many treatments that require “bonding” of tooth coloured restorative materials, greater adhesion is created by micro-abrading the tooth surface before placing the bonding chemicals. The system is in essence, a refined dental version of a “sand blaster”. Research suggests that an extra 20% strength is added, giving your restorations more staying power. The technique does not require any anaesthesia and is sensation free.

In chair entertainment

Your choice of music is always available, through the radio or CDs. Bring your own favourite tracks to while away the time and create your own relaxing “in chair” experience.

Relaxing Environment

To calm your concerns, and create a soothing environment, we play relaxing music and for the very apprehensive, your treatment can be carried out under sedation from a tablet taken just beforehand or more profoundly with light intravenous sedation. Your hygiene treatment can be carried out with an anaestheic jelly, just dripped onto the gums. Some restorative treatment requires no drilling and no injections – ask if microabrasion is suitable for you.