Dental Hygienist Services

Dental Hygienist services….the first step in having a clean and healthy mouth with a beautiful smile

Only £63 for a routine scale and polish with experienced hygienist.

Addition of Air-Flow stain removing only for £19.

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Bad breath (halitosis), Gingivitis (gum inflammation) and Periodontists (gum disease) are some of the problems that can affect many people. Treat yourself to a refreshed feeling with our experienced dental hygienists team for a healthy mouth. After a dental hygiene visit you can be more confident when laughing and smiling in company.

Why visit a Dental Hygienist?

Build up of plaque, calculus and germs on the teeth is associated with several dental health problems. It ranges from developing gingivitis and bad breath to developing more serious issues like irreversible gum (periodontal) disease and loss of teeth.  In addition to cleaning the teeth and removing the deposits, the role of a hygienist is to further motivate and show how to maintain a good oral health based on your individual needs. Remember more teeth are lost due to gum disease than tooth decay.

Another simple reason for seeing a hygienist is that afterwards you will feel wonderful and refreshed, in addition to benefiting from its therapeutic effect! When your mouth feels good, you mentally feel better and more revitalised.

We offer hygienist services in our clinic in West London, W2, with easy access and availability of late evening and weekend appointments.

How to Brush and floss teeth correctly?

One of the most important roles of a Dental hygienist is to demonstrate the correct methods of brushing and flossing. The wrong brushing technique can result in irreparable gum recession and creating unsightly wear cavities on the teeth next to gum. Modifies Bass Technique has been shown to be one the most effective method of brushing with minimal risk of damage to gum and teeth.

Regular visits to the hygienist, will help you to improve your dental health and prevent periodontal (gum) disease, bleeding gums and dental decay (caries).


Some commonly asked questions about dental hygienist services.

IS it beneficial to see a dental hygienists?

Dental hygienist services are necessary for the better health of the teeth and gum. Dental hygienists in addition to dentist, are the first in line for gum treatment.

Can dental hygienist whiten teeth?

Dental hygienist can whiten teeth once they have received the necessary training.

Can a hygienist clean damage the teeth?

It is extremely unlikely that a hygiene clean damage the teeth.

Is a dental hygiene clean painful?

Dental hygiene clean is not automatically a painful experience.

Can dental hygienist extract a tooth?

Dental hygienist cannot extract teeth or do permanent fillings.

Fresh breath against bad breath

Using the very latest equipment including Air Polishing Machines which gently remove unsightly staining without damaging your teeth, we offer the least painful methods of teeth cleaning to give that wonderful refreshed feeling,

Diet advice, fluoride application, fissure sealants and oral hygiene instruction are all part of our programme of prevention.

other advantages of seeing hygienist

If you get the feeling that your teeth and gums aren’t as clean as they could be even though you’ve just brushed them, you’re probably right. Plaque is a nearly colourless film that constantly forms on your teeth. It lies hidden in hard to reach places between your teeth and gums and forms from salivary proteins, bacteria and partly digested food particles.

Plaque bacteria make your gums tender and swollen, which eventually leads to chronic gum disease. If left untreated, this can progress to the loss of the bone which holds the teeth firmly in the jaws. This can lead to loosening and loss of the affected teeth.

The bacteria showering into the bloodstream can weaken the immune system and are recognised as contributory factors in other health problems, especially cardiovascular disease.

People generally tend to see hygienist more frequently than their dentist to benefit from that refreshing revived sensation. As hygienist on every visit check the soft tissues of the mouth, they have a good chance of noticing any abnormalities in very early stages. This can play a very important role in early diagnosis of many oral health complications such as oral cancer where early diagnosis is vital.

That is why it is so critical to thoroughly remove dental plaque everyday by toothbrushing your teeth. This prevents the build up of calculus (tartar) and reverses gum inflammation and bleeding, leading to a healthy mouth and a healthier YOU.