cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

The range of possible restorative treatments are:


Mercury free cosmetic restorations are provided to restore damaged teeth or as replacements for old silver amalgam fillings. These are matched to the colour of your teeth and for security, are bonded into place (see pics).


These can be placed to protect, strengthen and improve the appearance of weak and unsightly teeth. Tooth coloured ceramic crowns, with no metal interior, can now be used to maximize aesthetics even where great strength is required.


Using a simple and easy technique, started in the clinic and completed at home, your teeth can be made whiter. The best results will be obtained after a visit to the hygienist and when any visible discoloured or metal fillings have been replaced. Professionally carried out within the Clinic, this is a safe & comfortable procedure.


A thin layer of porcelain can be added to the surface of your teeth, improving their shape, colour and alignment.